Effective Cleaning Hacks For Your Oven

Oven scrubbing is one of the essential cleaning activities which must be done. Cleaning of the oven should be part and parcel of your regular cleaning routine. It should be done regularly. This means that adequate cleaning action should be taken whenever the oven is dirty. There are some proven tricks which you can follow to make the cleaning process easy. All these tips should be implemented in your routine program to make the cleaning task easier.

Mixing your cleaner

You should avoid using expensive chemicals when you are cleaning your oven. Making a cleaner at home is considered to be very effective and cheap as compared to purchasing of the expensive chemical solutions. One of the best cleaning mixtures is baking soda and white vinegar. This solution has been proven to be very wonderful when it comes to oven cleaning. You should use this mixture to rub the area which you are interested in treating. This mixture should then be left for about thirty minutes before wiping it off.

Using the right tool

An old toothbrush can be used cleaning the oven. This tool can help you in saving a lot of energy and time. The soft bristles of an old brush are ideal for removing the food residues. These bristles can also maneuver easily inside the oven. An electric toothbrush can also be used to clean the oven. The oven door and floor are best cleaned using a glass scraper.

Cleaning the shelves

The oven racks should be removed and cleaned thoroughly. This will ensure that your oven interior is clean as possible. The removed racks should then be placed in a sealable bag and then cleaned using a suitable cleaner. Rinsing should be done after thirty minutes to scrub any burnt-on food particles.


Fighting oil with oil

Any grease which builds up inside your oven should be cleaned using oil. This will involve adding some drops of vegetable oil to the greasy areas. This oil is applied using a paper towel. This will make your oven clean, and you might even be surprised by the results you get.


Use of car wax to banish grease

Any build of grease on your hob can be problematic if not cleansed. This can be cleaned easily by use of car wax. This wax is applied on the greased area to wipe away grease.

Polish your oven by using a cream of tartar

Even though this may sound strange, a cream of tartar is very effective in keeping your stainless steel new and shiny. Tarter is applied using a thin cloth. It is then wiped from the surface to give it a new look.