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Services Offered By The Professional Dryer Vent Cleaners

Most of the fires in buildings are caused by clothes dryers. It has led to the majority of property owners to making losses from their business venture in every year when a fire occurs. The fires are as a result of dryer vent clogs which can be minimized through regular and proper cleaning. Every individual who owns a home should take the times in a month when dryer vent is being cleaned. One should consider the services of a professional dryer vent cleaner whereby debris and lint in the venting system of the system will be flushed out.

A special type of equipment and tools are used by professional dryer vent cleaners so that the inside air in the dryer vent can be forced out. In the process, a smooth cleaning process is achieved with minimal or no complication being experienced. The usage of the dryer vent is the determining factor when it comes to knowing the number of times it should be cleaned. Click here for the Dryer Vent Cleaning Service. It is recommended by professionals vent cleaning and cleaning should be carried after thirty days in a year.

Reasons for cleaning the dryer vent


The majority of households usually use their dryer on a regular basis. The laundry’s lint can be completely cleaned when the lint trap is cleaned on a daily basis. The dryer collects only twenty-five percent of the lint from the clothes of an individual. The seventy-five percent of the dust develops in the system of the dryer vent, and the airflow is restricted, and the dryer will be overworking to attain a result. It leads to increased costs on energy bills on a monthly basis.


When the dryer vent is being cleaned by HVAC professional, he or she should first inspect the dryer vent cap which is placed on the outside and is opened or removed. In the pipe for ventilation, a snake brush and a vacuum tube which is long are introduced. Any loose of debris is eradicated by the vacuum inside the venting pipe. The snake brush scraps away masses of debris which are formed on the ventilation tube’s walls and afterward, are vacuumed out of the system. The ventilation pipes which have got bends and elbows should be scrutinized by the specialist.

Diagnostic testing


Most of the professional dryer vent cleaners offer diagnostic cleaning to property owners after conducting the cleaning services. The amount of pressure developed in the vent and escaped gases from the system will be established in the test. The fee charged for the dryer cleaning service by a particular organization varies.