Real Estate

The easiest way to sell or put your property on rent

Do you have a property you want to sell or put out for rent? It is not easy to get someone for your property if you do not have the network. But there is a simple way out there for you. Just a simple SMS, you set things moving and your property is taken care of.

But how does this process work? Do you have to pay for it? Here is a clear picture of how things are done:

Sending an SMS

Initially, a simple SMS is all that is needed to set things in motion. You can also accompany it with the images of your property. That is all needed for your property to get into the listing for potential customers’ attention. You can rest easy and wait for successful bids to come through.



Send a mail in case of changes

Just in case you missed a thing or two, mail will take care of that. Send it over with changes or additional details. The changes will be made before your property is put back on the listing circles. Sit and
wait for callers and inquiries about your property.

A network of bidders gets to see your property

Once on the listing, your property is visible to thousands or even more interested parties. As long as they feel this is what they want, you will begin to get calls inquiring about the property. You should take adequate bids and decide the one to go for. It is all yours to sell or offer for rent in your own terms and conditions. You can hold your ground until you get the right offer for your property. No one will try to hurry you up; it is all at your own pace whether you want it today or you are willing to take your time with it.

It is absolutely free

It is unbelievable that you will not be paying a single dime for all these. It is all free no matter how many times you will be using this service. Isn’t that what you would want every time you are selling or renting out your property? Absolutely yes.

Send an email once your property is sold or withdrawn

ghdhgd64After you have agreed on a sale or rental terms, send back an email for your property to be taken out of the listing. And that is how easy it can get dealing with your property. Convenience, zero costs, quick sale and so much more is what will be coming your way. Never before has it been too easy to put up your property for sale and wait in the comfort of your home for bidders to come calling. Simply unbelievable, won’t you say?

Just an SMS is all you need, and your property is out there deep in the market. It has never been easier, convenient and cost-free to do real estate business. Now you have the power to sell or rent your property to whoever meets your conditions.